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It’s as simple as this: To provide accurate and timely insights, we need accurate and timely data. That’s why the NRP invites every hospital and clinic in America that is involved in COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment to join with us by contributing daily, facility-level data about labs, admissions, deaths, and utilization of ICUs and ventilators.

We know you are pulled in many directions, so we have worked hard to make the legal and technical process of data transfer as simple and straightforward as possible. Learn about our 4-step process below.

Note: These steps are only for hospitals, clinics, healthcare systems and/or intermediaries able to provide data on their behalf. Payors, device manufacturers, and other organizations wishing to contribute are gratefully invited to contact us. We look forward to working with you.

Onboarding Process

Complete the Data Use Agreement

The Data Use Agreement is for healthcare organizations who wish to send daily data on COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment efforts to the NRP. It establishes SADA’s responsibilities as steward of your data within the NRP. The Data Use Agreement is not necessary to view or access data on the portal.

Fill out the following form to request a copy of the DUA via DocuSign.

Prepare Your Data for Upload

Before uploading, your data must be transformed to a specific schema, providing information on facilities within your healthcare organization, certain daily metrics by facility, and certain patient metrics by 3-digit Zip Code.


  1. Review the schema documentation.
  2. Prepare processes to generate and upload each of the files daily.

Upload and Validate Initial Data

When your data is ready for initial upload, the SADA team will work with you to begin the process of data uploads.


  1. Send an email to to inform us that you are ready for your initial data upload.
  2. You will be contacted within 24 hours to establish your upload location and credentials.
  3. Upload your files.
  4. SADA will confirm receipt and validate your files within two business days.

Initiate Ongoing Uploads

After receiving confirmation that your initial upload was successful, you may begin initiating ongoing uploads.


  1. Use whatever automated or manual mechanisms are available in your organization to upload data each day.
  2. Errors in data can be corrected by submitting a new, complete file containing the corrected data. The most recently-submitted file will always take precedence.
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