Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the portal?

  • The National Response Portal will be available to the public soon. If you would like to be notified by email when the portal is live, please complete the Go Live Notification form.

Does it cost anything?

  • Access to the portal is free for all users for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. We thank our sponsors for making this possible.

What can I do on the portal?

  • Please see release notes for a description of the current capabilities of the portal.

Can I download data from the portal?

  • We are working to provide you with the ability to download county-level, aggregate datasets via text files or APIs. This capability is not available yet.

How is the National Response Portal different from other COVID-19 data portals?

  • We collaborate with, rely on, and appreciate the amazing ecosystem of data collaboratives that have arisen in response to the COVID-19 crisis. We seek to make specific additional contributions to that community as described on our About page.

What healthcare organizations are participating by contributing data to the portal?


How can my organization contribute data to the portal?

  • If you are a healthcare organization or data intermediary with data about daily COVID-19 diagnoses, treatments, and resources, the NRP needs your help. Please see the For Healthcare Organizations page for details.
  • If you are an insurer, medical device manufacturer or supplier, and have access to other data that might be useful to our goals, we are interested in speaking with you. Please contact us.

How does my organization benefit from contributing data to the portal?

  • The NRP uses data from healthcare organizations to develop county-level insights to help inform decisions as we seek to end the crisis together. The more data we collect, the more useful those insights will be. These insights will be available to you and the general public free of charge, and we hope you see and support the intrinsic humanitarian value created through your participation.
  • Further, we are working to develop facility-level insights which are only possible through your contribution of specific facility-level data. These insights would only be accessible to your organization.

Do we have to contribute data to access the portal?

  • No. Access to the portal is free for all users for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. We thank our sponsors for making this possible.

Will we have to pay anything in the future?

  • The NRP has been developed in good faith as a humanitarian effort. While we cannot commit to full, free access indefinitely, we are exploring a variety of options to make the portal financially sustainable while maintaining its nature as a resource for the greater good.

What data are you collecting from healthcare organizations?

  • We collect daily, aggregate counts of COVID-19 diagnoses, treatment efforts, and resource availability, at the facility level. We do not collect any individual or line-level patient data. See the latest upload schema specification for details.

How is my organization’s data protected?

  • From the legal standpoint, your data is protected by a data use agreement with SADA, which, among other things, ensures that your data will not be shared with any third party (including Google or HCA Healthcare) without written approval in advance.
  • From the technical standpoint, SADA’s systems meet and exceed industry best practices for protection of your data while in our care.

What if we wish to contribute data, but not be publicly named as a participant?

What if we need to withdraw our data in the future?

  • Please notify SADA and your data will be deleted from the portal.
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