The National Response Portal

The National Response Portal unites private industry, the public sector, and the nation’s hospitals in powering data-driven decisions to prepare for and respond to emerging crises. Our first challenge: COVID-19.


Our First Challenge: COVID-19

The Ongoing Challenge

Even as some locations are already passing through the initial COVID-19 case surge, the path forward—moving from coping with the crisis to ending it—remains largely uncharted. Healthcare administrators and government officials need data-driven insights to navigate the road ahead.

The Solution

The NRP integrates and displays daily geographic metrics from the nation’s hospitals against a backdrop of unique datasets to provide decision-makers with rich and timely insights into how policy changes and social behaviors impact efforts to end the crisis.

Our Sponsors

HCA Healthcare provided the vision that became the National Response Portal and continues to lead through their healthcare subject matter expertise and on-the-ground experience in managing emerging healthcare crises.

The NRP is built on Google Cloud technology. Google Cloud also contributes to the NRP’s technical and analytical vision and supports the NRP’s designers, engineers, and scientists, inside and outside Google Cloud.

SADA is a Google Cloud Premier Partner, providing consultancy and technology services for healthcare and life sciences organizations. The NRP is built on SADA’s dotMaps and ATOM platforms and integrates other capabilities built by Google Cloud. SADA also serves as the steward and integrator of hospital data. Data submitted for use in the NRP is managed by SADA and not shared with third parties, including Google and HCA Healthcare.

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